Milborne, LLC

With over 25 years of extensive experience in the restoration and management of environmentally sensitive land, we are a female owned business with a core staff that includes biologists, arborists, heavy equipment operators and field experts. 

We believe that our combination of experience, skills, licenses, credentials, reputation and expertise allows us to offer an unparalleled level of responsiveness and service to our clients.



We provide clients with high quality, knowledge-based, professional services at competitive prices. Through our team of fully licensed, insured, trained and certified specialists, we offer a variety of services.



We partner with our clients to ensure their projects are a success. We have completed projects in residential areas, high security areas requiring security clearance and background checks, airports, parks, nature sanctuaries and public roadways. We work with numerous local and state government agencies and park programs as well as private firms.

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We have a deep respect for the power of nature and are proud that the work that we do positively impacts the environment now and for future generations. As a privately owned and operated firm, we know that our company is powered by our people and we look for employees that share our love of nature and want to be a part of our team for years to come.